Aurora Diagnostics GPA Laboratories – dedicated to providing unsurpassed genitourinary pathology services to urologists and other physicians specializing in urologic diseases.

Our record of excellence in delivering the highest-quality urologic pathology services is directly related to the following:
   • Board-certified pathologists with subspecialization training and experience in genitourinary pathology
   • Internal quality procedures to ensure superior quality assurance
   • Physician-to-Physician communication & consultations
   • Comprehensive test menu – easy access to advanced testing and molecular diagnostics (i.e. IHC,FISH tumor
     markers and advanced molecular diagnostics) to provide you the diagnostics/prognostic /therapeutic information you      need to provide the best possible outcome for your patient.
   • Easy-to-read, enhanced pathology reports
   • Specialized services, tools, and innovative technology solutions to enhance our partners' urology practices
   • Exceptional personalized customer service

• All malignant and unusual cases are reviewed and documented by at least to pathologists. This internal control   procedure allows for more than one pathologist to confirm each diagnosis, thus providing a higher diagnostic yield,   consistent reporting, and superior assurance.
• Expert opinions are available from nationally-acclaimed uropathologists, e.g., Dr. Jonothan Epstein of Johns Hopkins   University, as select cases may warrant.

Genitourinary Service Highlights

   • All prostate biopsies are extensively studied with serial sections on multiple separate levels, resulting in 8-to-12      sections examined on each biopsy core.
   • Immunohistochemical specialty stains, such as high-molecular weight cytokeratin, p63, and p504s
     (alphamethycyl-CoA racemase) for a definitive diagnosis in the evaluation of borderline lesions of minute foci of      prostatic adenocarcinoma.
   • Diagnostic reports incorporating digital photography, diagrammatic representation of prostate gland, color-coded      diagnoses.
   • Pathologists call referring physician on all malignant cases

   • Comprehensive histology and cytology services
   • Board-certified cytophathologists on staff

   Detection and Monitoring of Recurrent Bladder Cancer

   • UroVysion™ FISH performed by specialists in FISH technology (in combination with routine cytology the multicolor      FISH probes provide the most sensitive and specific methodology for monitoring of crecurrent bladder cancer.)

      • UroVysion™ FISH Testing has been FDA approved as screen for recurrent bladder cancer, increasing the sensitivity         from 58% with routine cytology alone to 98% when used in combination with cytology and cystology
      • This molecular test utilizes fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to test abnormalities in four different         chromosomes linked to urothelial carcinomas. The use of FISH in conjuction with urine cytology can potentially         reduce urothelial carcinoma morbidity and mortality by diagnosing these tumors earlier. UroVysion™ is not affected         by: BCG therapy, infections, BPH or hematuria.
      • Greensboro Pathology Associates can provide UroVysion™ FISH testing to our clients. Urovysion and routine         cytology can both be performed on the same specimen. Simply pour the urine into the Urovysion Fish collectin         container and add an equal volumne of the provided fixative. Order on the requisition "CYTOLOGY & VROVYSION         FISH". Then place the bar code label marked "Urovysion" on the container. The test may be performed on voided         urine or bladder washing specimens.

       There is no need to send us two separate specimens. We will split the specimen for you.

Superior Service

   • Rapid turnaround time - reports within 24-48 hours.
   • Direct and immediate telephone access to pathologists.
   • Reporting by fax, mail, overnight, in-office printer, and hand delivery.
   • ConnectDX Portal reporting via safe and secure HIPPA-complient website.
   • Electronic result interfaces available.
   • User-friendly prostate biopsy kits and urine cytology kits provided.
   • Courier pick-up and FedEx service.
   • Customized programs to suit the needs of every client.