Aurora Diagnostics GPA Laboratories is a full service dermatopathology laboratory offering expert skin biopsy interpretation, clinicopathologic correlation, and consultation. We offer a wide range of conventional and immunohistochemical stains, and we have the expertise to provide immunofluorescence and immunophenotyping services. The outstanding quality of our histology services enable our pathologists to provide accurate diagnoses with a high degree of confidence.

Our Diagnostic Services Include:

• Routine H&E staining
• Extensive menu of special stains
• PAS stains of onychomycosis
• Comprehensive menu of over sixty immunohistochemistry stains
• Direct and indirect immunofluorescence
• Immunophenotyping
• Facilitation of molecular diagnostic studies
• Access to our team of expert board-certified dermatopathologists
• Telephone consultation with pathologists on difficult cases
• Clinical-pathologic correlation for optimal interpretation
• Consultation and report on referred material

Our Client Services Include:

• Exceptional turnaround time on routine cases (24 - 48 hours of specimen receipt)
• Digital microscopic photograph available on select patient reports
• Rapid result reporting by courier, autofax, mail or internet
• Supplies for specimen collection and transport
• Prepaid mailing containers
• Local courier service
• Prepaid FedEx courier service
• In-house billing department with helpful, knowledgeable staff
• Complimentary billing of Medicare and third party insurance