59.0F Web Ordering Outreach 2.0 Competency 13.0L Version 2

Title of Manual: Specimen Collection

Version No: 2.0

Title: Web Ordering Outreach 2.0
Competency Assessment

Effective Date: 07/08/13
Revised Date: 06/23/14

Document #: GPA.SPC.59.0F

Phlebotomist’s name:_____________________________________________________

Purpose of Evaluation (Circle one) Initial 6 months Annual Intermittent

Direct Observations of Performance of Required Duties
Performance, including:


Acceptable Performance

Unacceptable Performance

Reviewed the Web Ordering Outreach 2.0 Procedure with Trainer



Successfully logged into Outreach 2.0 version



Demonstrates ability to use filters in the “Search Criteria” box in
the Results Retrieval window.



Demonstrates ability to view patient report results by use of
the “View Report” link.



Demonstrates ability to view reports in batches by use of
the “Batch” button.



Demonstrates ability to retrieve previously placed orders
through the “Orders Retrieval” window.



Demonstrates the ability to reassess and reprint an existing order requisition, labels, or make changes to the order (if open status).



Trainer has discussed the Patient ID autopopulating when the order is placed and how to enter the client MRN. Phlebotomist has demonstrated data entry of MRN into the MRN field.



Demonstrates ability to create an order and enter patient demographic information, submitter, and billing information.
If submitting a facesheet for billing information-set Carriercode to
i-Bill/All. Click Insurance Bill.



Demonstrates ability to chose the correct patient demographic
information by comparing the patient first name, middle initial,
last name, DOB, and social security # (if available) or create a
new patient by clicking “Edit patient” if the patient is not
currently in the database. NOTE: Each patient order(s) should
be entered into Outreach individually and completed before the
next patient specimen is processed. (ie, AP/Clinical specimens
leave the patient specimen/client requisition in bag until ready
to place order in Outreach)



Demonstrates ability to place clinical orders and anatomic pathology orders on separate patients and on both clinical and anatomic pathology orders the same patient.



Demonstrates the ability to generate and print a Manifest Report from the Orders Retrieval Window.



Demonstrates the proper completion of paper work.



This individual demonstrates appropriate steps to perform Outreach orders.

Trainer’s Signature/Date: _________________________________________

Phlebotomist’s Signature/Date: ___________________________________________

Date of Assessment: ________________________________________________

Manager/Supervisor’s Signature/Date: _____________________________________

(Laboratory Director’s Signature on Original Subsequent Document Attached)

(Requires Laboratory Director & Department Director Signature - where applicable)

Reason for Change

2/10/14 Added Document Number to include
“L” for document log.

6/23/14 Moved procedure to Specimen
Collection Manual

Laboratory Director



Natalie Depcik-Smith, MD

Department Director



Robert M. Gay, M.D.













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